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Policies and Procedures



The Madrasah Policies and Procedures document (to the right) are a set of rules and guidelines that have been established by the Madrasah. They serve to make the Madrasah a more efficient and effective Islamic educational institute and allow all those involved including Parents and Pupils to know and understand how the Madrasah operates and take maximum benefit from the Madrasah. The rules and guidelines also serve to make interaction and communication between parents and the Madrasah much easier, and most importantly they inform Parents and Pupils what the Madrasah requires from them with regards to both Islamic education and how to work in partnership in any given situation.


The 'Policies and Procedures' to the right are in effect at the Madrasah. All parents are required to read and familiarise themselves with the policies and procedures and abide by them.



Madrasah Unifrom



Uniforms help to build a sense of community by creating an environment of belonging. Pupils are essentially united when they are all wearing the same uniform for the same Madrasah. This positively affects the student's attitude toward the Madrasah, seeing it as a community, rather than an institution.


Boys Classes


  • All male pupils must wear a white ‘Jabbah’/Kurta/Kafnee to the Madrasah.
  • All male pupils must cover their heads with a white Topee. Other forms of hats like T-caps or outdoor hats will not be accepted.
  • Trousers must be kept above the ankles at all times. Items of clothing that have ‘tears’ as a fashion item are not permitted.
  • Jewellery items are strictly prohibited for male pupils, and will be confiscated.
  • Pupils are NOT allowed to have ‘short back and sides’, ‘step’ or ‘fringe’ haircuts. The length of hair must be approximately the same throughout.


Girls Classes


  • All female pupils must wear a loose non fitted black full length Jabbah/Burkha.
  • Jabbah/Burkha should be of a simple design.
  • All female pupils must have all their hair covered with black or white headscarves.
  • Jewellery items such as chains or rings/earrings (gold or silver) are disallowed due to safety reasons.


Parents are requested to download, print and return a signed copy of the Uniform Agreement to the Madrasah office.





You can open the Policy document in PDF format by downloading the free Adobe PDF reader from Adobe.


Madrasah Zeenat-ul-Islam Coventry Policies and Procedures


Last updated: May 2015