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News Archive - March 2011



Madrasah Parents Evening

Posted Monday 7th March 2011 at 17:05

Respected Parents,


The Parents Evening at the Madrasah has been scheduled for Wednesday 9th March 2011. Throughout the evening between 5:15 PM and 7:30 PM, parents will have the opportunity to meet the Ustaad's / Apa's and talk about the progress of their child and also discuss the results of the Mid Year Imtihaan that took place on Tuesday 15th Feb. Parents will also be given progress report sheets detailing results of the exams.


All parents are requested to attend with their children. There will be no Madrasah on that day, so please do not send your child to the Madrasah on their own. The Parents Evening for the boys classes will be held in the ground floor of the Madrasah Prayer Hall, and the girls classes in the first floor of the Madrasah Prayer Hall. Please note that the meetings with parents of the girls classes will be held with sisters only. Please DO NOT send males to discuss progress of girls with the Apa's.


It is extremely important for parents to take an interest in their child's Islamic Education, so please make sure you attend the Parents Evening. Unfortunately it will not be possible to arrange meetings with Ustaad's and Apa's during Madrasah time on any other day.


Madrasah Principal