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News Archive - July 2016



Summer Holidays 2016

Posted Wednesday 20th July 2016 at 06:12

Dear Respected Parents/Guardians,


The madrasah will close for holidays starting on Monday 25th July, the last day of Madrasah will be Friday 22nd July and holidays will end on Monday 29th August. Madrasah will resume on Tuesday 30th August at 5PM.


The new Madrasah calendar is now available on the website which includes key dates for the Madrasah year.


Parents are reminded that they ensure their children learn their Madrasah lessons every day during the holidays. Please ensure all haircuts are in line with the Madrasah Policy, all hair should be of the same length. All haircuts will be checked when Madrasah resumes.


Parents are requested to please ensure they do not stop their car near the main entrance unless permission has been granted. If you are requested to move your car by the Madrasah management please do not feel offended.


Madrasah Principal